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#2 - What is the Chip ? Why do I need Chip ?

#2 - What is the Chip ? Why do I need Chip ?
Why do toner chips need replacing? Many modern printer toner chips contain smart chips. The toner levels of the original cartridges are permanently stored in their memories and can't be reset. When a cartridge is refilled, the smart chip needs to be replaced to reflect the differences in toner levels in the refilled cartridge.

How Do Smart Chips Work? Toner chips essentially monitor droplet count data to estimate toner usage and page counts. They are programmed to estimate the printing capacity of a single cartridge.

Consumer Issues With Toner Chips Manufacturers claim that smart chips add value to their products, but many consumers disagree. Some smart chips have an inbuilt expiration date so they must be used within a period of time. Consequently, if a cartridge is refilled, the smart chip will continue to register that the cartridge is empty and refuse to print. Many manufacturers deliberately program toner chips to deliver false error messages to discourage consumers from installing third party cartridges in their printers.
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